My name is Sophie Dillner and I’m the breeder of the prefix Amati Cani’s.

I live together with my dogs just outside Stockholm in a place called Nacka. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of beautiful surroundings where the dogs can run loose and do what they love the most, just to be dogs.

I’m borned and raised with dogs. So the love for animals has always been there.
I moved from my parents in 2002 and the first thing i did was to buy my first own dog, a Chihuahua named WinEra’s Eridanus ”Leo”. He was the one starting everything even if i went to the ”dark” side for a couple of years and only trained, showed and breed with the other ”dog love” of my life, my Dobermans ” KORAD Dark Night Eagles Radonina and ”KORAD Bolero Betelges”. I LOVE Doberman, but i can also say they gave me a lot of grey hairs in an early age. Due to work and changes in life I then later stopped with Doberman and came back to this lovely breed. I have wanted to buy a dog from Misty Meadows for many years but since the quarantine rules it made it almost impossible, and in 2008 I finally got the chance when I was living in Malta and I went to Rome to pick up ”Misty Meadow’s Iamus” He is still with us and is the great love of our family. And from that day, Chihuahua is the only breed in my home now 🙂

My first litter was born in 2005 but my first Chihuahua litter was in 2012. All my dogs lives as family members inside.
I’m a member of the Swedish Kennel Club and ”ChihuahuaCirkeln” and following their rules. I’m also approved by Länsstyrelsen Stockholm for permission to breed Chihuahua.


If you have any questions regarding me, my dogs or any of the upcoming litter, don’t hesitate to contact me!

My best regards,

Sophie Dillner
+46739931228 or